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About Expert Psychic Readings
I'm BOB OLSON, one of the founders of Expert Psychic Readings and I am very delighted that you've dropped by to know more about our website.

I love making vegetable juices and am very particular about diet food. I'm also a pretty good chef.

I married at the age of 30 and a proud mom to three lovely children. I’m an animal and nature-lover. I am easily mesmerized by oil paintings.

I also teach Reiki Healings and serve my kids at home aside from running this website and providing readings.
My Spiritual Awakening
Before I became a psychic, I was not so sure about my abilities and was really agnostic. I got so ill and needed to attend some life changing healing sessions – after that, all of my doubts were left behind, and my journey into the spiritual world began.

As if someone had lighted the way for me.

I got electrified and suddenly felt the great desire to get more knowledge and understanding about all the things related to psychic mediumship and development.
Honestly, I felt that it was a calling. I would sit in spiritual development classes and think, "This is where I belong!"

I’ve been studying everything related to psychic development and mediumship for more than 12 years and still counting. I did as many practice readings as I can mostly free psychic readings, until my colleague advised me to "go pro" and try to set up a little business for myself. That was in 2000.

Since then my small business has grown into this fabulous online psychic place - a place where divine souls can come and get practical information about spiritual development.
Expert Psychic Readings
The Purpose of this Site
A lot of people are looking for a reading online and I’ve heard some being scammed and terrified by fake readers.

I started Expert Psychic Readings to bring back the trust and build transparency to a field that is often misunderstood. This is the fastest way to reach millions of people all over the world.

Our site provides a wide range of tools and resources to help different people with different needs on their journey. From discovering their abilities to opening their eyes to the spiritual world, we provide all information to the best of our abilities and in an honest and professional manner.

May you find the Light within you and enjoy every moment of your journey.
With gratitude,
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