What Makes Your Lights Come on?

Holiday Spirit

What memories do you have the make you light up? Maybe you remember something that got you excited as a child such as Christmas or going Easter egg hunting. Maybe you remember getting off school for the summer and you couldn’t wait until you could celebrate the Fourth of July and let the fireworks fly.

Holiday Spirit

Maybe you lived with people that would get you into the holiday spirit. There are simple things in our lives that bring us joy. These things can be small things such as lighting sparklers during a Fourth of July cookout or when your mom would put on the sprinkler so that you could get cool in the hot sun.

Old Memories

Things like this seem to never get old and the memories that you have can take you back to the point where you can imagine the situation over and over again and no matter how many times you think of it, you are always full of joy.

What Makes You Happy?

When you think back on things that make you happy you might wonder what makes you light up. We are all on the earth only for a short while and when you are here, there are lessons that you have to learn and relationships that you will have. The things that make life worth living are different for all people and there are pleasures and dramatic events that people will always remember.

Living Your Best Life

When you live your best life, it means that you will most likely be with people that you love. You, like others, will get so wrapped up in the everyday things that have to be done and in the responsibilities that you have had to take charge of.

When You Lack Joy

This can be a place where you find yourself lacking joy and where you forget that love and peace really do exist. Never let this happen to your life.

If you forget what joy is, here are some things that can bring it back to you:

  • Reflect on things that make you happy.
  • Talk about what makes you feel alive.
  • If you had all the time in the world with no responsibilities, what would you do?
  • Write your thoughts in a journal.
  • Talk positively to yourself. Tell yourself that you have joy and that you have peace.
  • Appreciate things in your life that are good.
  • Be thankful for what you have.
  • Get rid of negativity and worry.
  • Stay positive.
  • Do not let fear hold you back.
  • Find a hobby that you love.
  • Take vacations.

Learn to live your life so that you can enjoy it. Face things that are uncertain with open arms. Count on love to guide you and remember to love yourself first. Let your life and your heart be full of joy.

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  1. Ah, the good old days! Who doesn’t love reminiscing about summers and holidays? Just remember, everyone, if you can’t find joy, there’s always the option to stare at your phone and scroll endlessly. Instant joy, right?

  2. It’s always lovely to read about finding joy in simplicity. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone has the luxury of taking vacations or indulging in hobbies. Life’s responsibilities can be overwhelming, and more realistic advice would be appreciated.

  3. While reminiscing on happy memories is beneficial for mental health, the article could have included more concrete psychological research to back its suggestions. Embracing positivity and self-love are essential, but the approach could be more scientific.

  4. This article beautifully captures the essence of nostalgia. Reflecting on joyful memories and simple pleasures is a wonderful reminder to appreciate the small joys in life. A heartfelt and uplifting read!

  5. Honestly, this piece is a bit too sentimental for my taste. It feels like it’s trying too hard to be uplifting, and the advice seems pretty clichéd. Not everyone finds joy in reminiscing about childhood memories.

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